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What is it like to be with a person of a different religion?

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“Idris & I started dating in the 9th grade. He’s a Bohri Muslim & I’m Jain, so the journey wouldn’t be easy. We’d talk on the phone all night–that’s how Idris’s parents found out. They didn’t approve–they said we were too young & it’d get complicated later.

When we received report cards in school, Idris’s mom told my mom about us! They both wanted us to study well. So I told my mom I’d break up with him & Idris’s parents sent him to boarding school.

But that didn’t stop us! We kept in touch through emails, until one day he snuck a phone in & we could talk for hours. After that, he studied in Singapore so the long distance continued.

After college, he joined the family business in Bangalore, but I got in Symbiosis Bangalore too! Finally we had time for ourselves. And soon, we knew we wanted to get married.

Back in Bombay, I told my sister. She said our parents wouldn’t agree, but helped break the news. They refused to accept us. It wasn’t just that Idris was a Bohri Muslim, they were worried that his family ate non vegetarian food, was very religious, & had a different lifestyle. They even worried about the religion of our future kids.

But I convinced them to meet him & they couldn’t help but like him! They’d keep saying, ‘Today we’ll say no.’ But he made the atmosphere so lively, they couldn’t.

Once my parents weren’t allowing me to go to a party with him, so Idris said he’d stay home so I could go. They finally let us both go, but were happy to see his commitment.

Idris made sure there was no pressure to marry quickly. He endured all the questioning from my relatives–promised them that I’d retain my religion... I needn’t change anything. His parents had always known about us. Over the years, their inhibitions had reduced. In fact, they assured my parents that they'd take care of me.

After 2 & a half years both sets of parents were happy. So in January 2019 we got married. I kept my surname & we both practice our own religious customs. The last 13 years have seen our families cross borders & overcome differences. It all started with our secret midnight phone calls & now here we are–the flag bearers of the fact that love does conquer all.”

Source: Humans of Bombay

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46% of youths fear discrimination or public shame when in an unconventional relationship.