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Am I good enough for him / her of a different background?

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Societies around the world send the untrue message that some people are better or have more inherent value than others depending on their race, caste, or social class. This message, whether clearly conveyed or implied, involves discriminatory treatment. Research shows there’s a link between a person noticing persistent discrimination against themselves and feeling less self-regard. Although this doesn’t mean that everyone who experiences prejudice and discrimination feels lower self-confidence, it does mean that there is a connection between the way society treats people and how they view themselves. For this reason, I can see how you would question your own worth and wonder whether you’re good enough for your partner when they’re from a different race, caste, or social class, particularly if their group receives preferential treatment over your own.

Because of the messages you and so many others have unjustly received, it feels especially crucial to me to be very explicit here: There is absolutely no difference whatsoever in value, worth, ability, virtue, goodness, intelligence, talent, or any other quality or characteristic you might include here, between people of different races, castes, or social classes. The groups you and your partner identify with are no better or worse than each other. You and your partner are equals, unquestionably.

I invite you to reflect on this, and if it feels safe for you to do so, consider seeking out books and articles written by people who are striving to promote social justice and equality. Above all, please know that your equality is an essential and just truth – one that you have every right to own.

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46% of youths fear discrimination or public shame when in an unconventional relationship.