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Can couples from different backgrounds still succeed?

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Research shows a rise in the number of couples coming from different backgrounds. And relationship experts point out that while couples with diverse backgrounds will disagree (as any couple will – even those who come from the same background), they also have to navigate their varied beliefs, mindsets and customs. In addition, research indicates that these couples are also more likely than those from the same background to face disapproval from family members, friends, and society as a whole, which is difficult to manage.

The presence of social opposition or diverse ideas and traditions doesn’t mean a relationship won’t be able to work. Although research shows that not all couples can manage their differences or the stresses connected with societal resistance, partners from the same background with plenty of social affirmation might not always work well together either. Relationship science also reveals that partners from differing backgrounds can attend to their differences and confront social disapproval, work well together and have a close, fulfilled, thriving relationship. Most importantly, as research and relationship experts suggest, it’s how couples respond to these challenges, doing so in a manner that suits them and their relationship. So yes, couples from different backgrounds can still be good for each other and have a successful relationship!

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46% of youths fear discrimination or public shame when in an unconventional relationship.