Calling all couples

Have you and your partner been kept apart by prejudice or preconceived notions around what are acceptable kinds of love? Is your love misunderstood? Because we want to hear from you.

Share your love stories with us by posting it on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag – #CloseupCityHallofLove.

10 couples with the most inspiring stories will be chosen, and the minting of their NFT Certificate of Marriage at the City Hall of Love will be sponsored.

Find out more about the instructional guide here.


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In many parts of the world, the freedom to love is not equal for all. Words as simple as ‘I do’ are muted by societal conventions or constitutions.

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The City Hall of Love by Closeup is both a response to a gap in our world and a vision of what it could become. Built on the foundation of love and inclusivity, it serves as a sanctuary for couples in all kinds of relationships to express and celebrate their love without fear and judgement.

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We invite all couples to mint an NFT Certificate of Marriage and immortalise their union on the blockchain.