Since launching in the 1960s, Closeup has always been about empowering individuals with the confidence to get close through superior, longer-lasting fresh breath and whiter teeth. We believe that nothing replaces the thrill of getting physically close to someone you’re attracted to, and oral hygiene plays a role in facilitating that physical closeness and increasing one’s confidence to act on mutual attraction.

We believe in championing love of all kinds and inspiring people to turn mutual attraction into action, free from self-doubt or the judgement of others. We believe that everyone – regardless of their background; from race to social class and faith – should be able to explore and to have a healthy, loving relationship. We look forward to a world (or society) where a diversity of relationships are accepted and celebrated. We’re on a journey to showcase closeness and love of all kinds and we remain committed to celebrating diversity and inclusiveness.

We’ve been championing closeness ever since we launched more than 50 years ago, and this conviction has never changed. Our global study revealed that while it is important to 8 in 10 youths to be free to love someone regardless of their background, only 3 in 5 feel they actually have that freedom, due to the different barriers that stand in the way of closeness. The same study also revealed that social disapproval puts shame and stress on relationships and lowers self-esteem, which is why we believe we need to play a bigger role in building a world where everyone is free to love, regardless of their background.

We are committed to supporting all individuals and couples who might be facing barriers to being free to love, such as those in interracial, interfaith, or same-sex relationships. This is the idea behind Loveforall.info, which is a platform specifically designed to provide support and address a spectrum of often under-represented and stigmatised relationship types, across different relationship stages.


Through Loveforall.info, Closeup hopes to provide users with expert advice on overcoming common issues and challenges in pursuing various kinds of relationships. The website also presents different perspectives and real-life stories to inspire users and give them a confidence boost. For those who need more help, we also offer links to our partners for further support and resources.

All content marked ‘Real Life Story’ within this website feature real people and their unique relationship stories. Occasionally, aliases or illustrative photographs are used to protect the individuals’ identities, and these are clearly indicated where applicable.


LoveForAll.info is an informative platform specially developed to provide a safe space and intimate community for users. On this site, they can find expert advice, diverse perspectives, and true stories for a boost of inspiration and confidence to overcome the challenges of pursuing different kinds of relationships.

As a brand that stands for closeness, we know we must do more to support our users which is why we undertook our Freedom of Attraction study to better understand their needs when it comes to closeness and love. Through our conversations with them, we learnt the key areas where they require practical support include counselling, programmes that help build or restore their self-confidence, as well as safe shelters for those who have been abused or outcasted by their families, friends and society. With this knowledge, we pledge to support our users in any way we can and are working closely with our global and local partners and NGOs on initiatives that help create a more inclusive society for everyone.

We also provide resources on LoveForAll.info for users who might need more direct or immediate support, including a directory of NGOs they can turn to for help here.

At Closeup, we’re on a journey to showcase closeness and love of all kinds and believe that we can contribute more positive changes when we work together. Join us in our cause by sharing the LoveforAll.info stories and website to someone who would benefit from this resource. If you’re an organisation keen to inspire, guide, and provide support, write to us via our Contact Us page here. Your support can help break barriers and encourage others to celebrate diversity and inclusion.

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LoveForAll.info is a platform to provide inspiration and advice for users to gain the confidence and courage to pursue love on their terms. We recognise that every individual’s situation is unique; therefore, we are not in the position to provide direct, one-to-one advice. However:

  • If you have a topic in mind that you’d like to see on our site, and that you think could help others in your situation, please share your suggestion with us via the Contact Us page.
  • If you would like to get help or speak to someone in your country, please visit the ‘Find Help’ tab for a list of Closeup’s NGO partners you can contact for assistance and support.